Quantzig’s Recent Article Offers Comprehensive Insights on Role of Patient Journey Mapping in Improving Patient Experience

LONDON–()–Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of its recent article that sheds light on the role of patient journey mapping in transforming the patient experience.

The article also offers comprehensive insights on:

  1. Benefits of patient journey mapping
  2. How patient journey analytics can help healthcare organizations improve the quality of care

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As the healthcare industry moves towards a digital business model, it’s crucial to have a roadmap and strategy in place for patient journey mapping and enhancing relationships with providers across multiple interaction channels and touchpoints. Whether you are part of product development, marketing, or customer experience team at a healthcare organization, patient journey mapping should be a part of your toolbox. Using patient journey mapping analytics as a guide, healthcare marketers can craft personalized and strategic outreach that helps in improving patient experience.

Patient journey analytics also helps in enhancing pre and post clinical assessments along with addressing the other healthcare needs of the population. Using patient journey mapping analytics as a guide, healthcare marketers can craft personalized and strategic outreach that helps in improving patient experience.

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According to Quantzig’s patient journey analytics experts, “The patient journey map outlines all the patient touch points during every stage of the care journey and helps in creating strategic outreach that enhances patient engagement, satisfaction, and patient flow.”

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Benefits of Patient Journey Mapping

1: Focus on the eradication of care silos

2: Uncover pain points

3: Fulfils patient expectations

Read the complete article to gain detailed insights into each of these factors: https://bit.ly/33r1rOc

Patient journey mapping can help healthcare organizations to implement processes that assist in delivering relevant information to the patients while bridging gaps in the patient experience. Our patient journey mapping solutions can provide healthcare organizations with the best framework to gain maximum business outcomes.

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