Sleemon Held Launch Ceremony of New Series of Anti-Bacterial Mattress on March 21 in Beijing

TOKYO–()–Recently, Chinese mattress brand SLEEMON, the biggest mattress supplier for IKEA and NITORI in the Asian-Pacific region, released the latest anti-bacteria mattress products. The new mattress of Sleemon integrated technologies provided by American company DuPont and Swiss company Sanitized AG to prevent bacteria and dust mites. SLEEMON hopes to ensure people’s sleep quality and health through topnotch anti-bacterial technology. Under the current circumstance, more and more people have raised their awareness of hygiene, the launch of new mattresses with anti-bacteria function undoubtedly received widely concerned and welcomed.

The latest anti-bacteria and self-cleaning mattress SLEEMON achieved the highest standard in the industry, which was closely related to the polymerization of two top technologies in the world and SLEEMON itself comprehensive innovation plan. In greater China market, SLEEMON obtained exclusive authorization of American DuPont Intellifresh technology. The two collaborated to develop Deepro anti-bacteria and anti-mite system, which combines silver ion (Ag +) with fiber organically to ensure the function of sterilization. For preventing mites, SLEEMON cooperated with Sanitized in the field of mite-controlling, which combined the original anti-mite sponge with Sanitized technology in order to make the mattress 360 degrees for anti-mite protection upgrade. Based on the above “dual core” technology, SLEEMON anti-bacteria mattress can meet the standards of resisting bacteria, removing peculiar smell and controlling mites at the same time. Behind this is the integration of global innovative technology application and production resources, which is not only the upgrading of products, but also a revolutionary development and progress of the whole industry.

At present, China is the world’s No 1 mattress market for its mattress production and exports, according to CSIL Furniture Market Research. In 2017, China’s mattress industry generated a total output value of more than $8.9 billion, accounting for 32 percent of global mattress output value. Innovative Chinese brand, including SLEEMON, produced influential health products and materials through technological innovation and cooperation.

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